F Series Smart Ranger

4G/5G Body Worn Camera

F Series Smart Ranger

F01- 4G Body Worn Camera

F01 is a 4G real-time transmission body camera designed for the military, police, firefighting, investigation, and field inspection, dangerous operations, and other special applications. Equipped with Wi-Fi and LTE 4G networking functions, the exclusive video encoding technology provide the fast transmit time.
The built-in 64MB eMMC memory can store the video. Moreover, the iCommander cloud Server platform and Client provide a total solution of application functions.
Built-in with Ambarella S5 video compression SOC and SONY imx385 Micro-starlight Sensor.


5 Major Functions

Super all-in-one design,took the lead in this industry
  1. Real-time 2 channels full color night vision HD video
  2.  Real-time listening & many-to-many/ conference talk
  3.  GPS/ Wi-Fi/ LBS positioning
  4.  Lifesaving and SOS alarm
  5.  Mission Management