Taiwan Tech Arena to Showcase 100 Start-ups Onto the Global Stage at CES 2022

  • Dec. 22, 2021

 Article By : Taiwan Tech Arena

With CES 2022 just around the corner, Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) will showcase 100 high-potential Taiwanese start-ups on the world stage, including seven award-winning start-ups. From January 5 to 8, the CES 2022 TTA Pavilion will display the amazing innovative energy of Taiwan and show the innovation power to the world.

The Taiwan Pavilion at CES 2022 is supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), in collaboration with the Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT) and The National Development Council (NDC).

The pandemic has paved the way for new industries and business opportunities. In response to these trends, Taiwan is accelerating industrial development across six core areas: information security, biomedicine, digital transformation, semiconductors, space, and B5G & 6G networks. The 100 start-ups showcased at CES 2022 represent Taiwan’s innovative prowess in these sectors, as well as our capability to nurture high-potential businesses with international development possibility in the future.

Taiwanese award-winning start-ups march into the global arena at CES 2022

With COVID-19 and sustainability at the forefront of global agendas in 2022, the TTA Pavilion will display two Taiwanese start-ups making incredible strides in health and hygiene.

By harnessing filtration membrane materials, Mbranfiltra is seeking to provide clean drinking water to more people around the world. Fast and portable, Mbranfiltra’s thumb-like filter is the smallest of its kind worldwide and revolutionary in its ability to block out bacteria and microplastics.

Another to watch is ELECLEAN, the Taiwanese start-up that has been recognized by the World Health Organization for its high-tech appliances with natural cleaning properties. With its advanced “Electro-Oxidation” technology, ELECLEAN products turn water into a disinfectant that effectively destroys the activity of viruses and bacteria.

Taiwanese start-ups powering the future with AI and 5G technologies

The CES 2022 TTA Pavilion will also cast the spotlight on three start-ups harnessing AI to transform translation services, automotive and infant care.

VM-Fi leverages smart 5G and blazingly fast AI speech translation to allow for simultaneous interpretations to be broadcast to audiences’ mobiles at a venue and online. On the automotive front, Mindtronic AI is empowering OEMs and suppliers to quickly prototype and scale economically with an AI self-learning framework and scalable SDK.

Closer to home, Cubo Ai is giving new parents greater peace of mind with its Baby Dream Pad and Smart Baby Monitor. The first device to combine AI computer vision with breathing movement technology, Cubo Ai’s Baby Dream Pad intelligently detects a baby’s respiratory rate during sleep and sends notifications if the breathing is irregular.

Game-changing solutions for MERS and enterprise data protection

With the pressing need to create safer physical and digital spaces, the CES 2022 TTA Pavilion will exhibit two Taiwanese start-ups using innovative technological advancements today to ensure preparedness for tomorrow.

RT Stream has developed industry-leading Mobile Emergency Response Systems (MERS) that integrate wireless connection Video, Audio, Data and intelligent applications to support emergency response teams, such as the military, police, firefighters, security teams, and more.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese start-up GRAID Technology is ensuring data security and business continuity in the era of data privacy with its next-generation enterprise data protection solution. GRAID Technology provides the fastest RAID card in the world to protect SSD disks from failing, and has already inked partnerships with Gigabyte, Lenovo, Supermicro, AIC and TWCC.

“Taiwan Tech Arena brings the country’s finest entrepreneurs, academics and researchers together into a shared space for business development and collaboration. We are excited to highlight 100 Taiwan’s most exciting start-ups on the world stage and connect them to global investors, in order to create more opportunities for the development of Taiwan’s economy and industry,” said Andrea T. J. Hsu, CEO of Taiwan Tech Arena.

Championing entrepreneurship and innovation within Taiwan’s vibrant start-up ecosystem

In addition to exhibiting high-potential start-ups, the TTA Pavilion will host events and activities starting off with the grand opening on January 5, followed by new product launches by TTA’s start-ups and business matchmaking sessions. The TTA Pavilion can be found at Booth 61423 and 61837 in Eureka Park , Venetian Expo 1F (Former Sands expo).


Source: www.eetasia.com